City of Bellingham

Ballot Measure

Initiative No. 2023-01 concerns establishing a City minimum wage above the State minimum wage. VOTE YES

Ballot Measure

Initiative No. 2023-02 concerns the adoption of a rental relocation assistance program for tenants. VOTE YES

City Council Ward 3

Liz Darrow

City Council At Large

Jace Cotton

City Council Ward 1

Eamonn Collins

City of Pullman

City Council Ward 2

Carla De Lira

City Council At Large

Eric Fejeran

City of Renton

Ballot Measure

Ballot Initiative: Raise the Wage Renton VOTE YES

City of Seattle

City Council District 2

Tammy Morales

City Council District 4

Ron Davis

City Council District 1

Maren Costa

City Council District 3

Andrew Ashiofu

City Council District 7

Andrew Lewis

City Council District 3

Alex Hudson

Council District 5

ChrisTiana ObeySumner

Proposition 1- Seattle Housing Levy- VOTE YES

City of Spokane


Lisa Brown

City Council Ward 2

Paul Dillon

King County

King County Council District 8

Teresa Mosqueda

King County Council District 4

Sarah Reyneveld

King County Council District 2

Girmay Zahilay

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