General Election: November 3, 2020

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Joe Biden

Kamala Harris


US Senate

Gary Peters

Michigan Supreme Court 

Bridget Mary McCormack 

Michigan Supreme Court 

Elizabeth Welch 

Michigan Court of Appeals, 4th District

Michelle Rick

Probate Court Judge

Kathryn George

Michigan State Board of Education 

Ellen Cogen Lipton 

Michigan State Board of Education 

Jason Strayhorn 

Michigan State Trustee 

Brian Mosallam 

Michigan State Trustee 

Rema Vasser 

University of Michigan Board of Regents 

Mark Bernstein 

University of Michigan Board of Regents 

Shauna Ryder-Diggs 

Wayne State University Board of Governors 

Eva Garza-Dewaelsche 

Wayne State University Board of Governors 

Shirley Stancato 

Western Michigan University BOC Trustee

Ken Willcutt

US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives District 1

Dana Ferguson

US House of Representatives District 2

Bryan Berghoef

US House of Representatives District 3

Hillary Scholten 

US House of Representatives District 4

Jerry Hilliard

US House of Representatives District 5

Dan Kildee

US House of Representatives District 6

Jon Hoadley

US House of Representatives District 7

Gretchen Driskell 

US House of Representatives District 8

Elissa Slotkin

US House of Representatives District 9

Andy Levin

US House of Representatives District 10

Kimberly Bizon

US House of Representatives District 11

Haley Stevens

US House of Representatives District 12

Debbie Dingell 

US House of Representatives District 13

Rashida Tlaib 

US House of Representatives District 14

Brenda Lawrence

State House

State House District 2

Joseph A. Tate

State House District 4

Abraham Aiyash

State House District 5

Cynthia A. Johnson

State House District 6

Tyrone Carter

State House District 7

Helena Scott

State House District 8

Stephanie A. Young

State House District 10

Mary Cavanagh

State House District 11

Jewell Jones

State House District 12

Alex Garza

State House District 13

Tullio Liberati

State House District 14

Cara A. Clemente

State House District 15

Abdullah Hammoud

State House District 16

Kevin Coleman

State House District 17

Christopher Slat

State House District 18

Kevin Hertel

State House District 19

Laurie Pohutsky

State House District 20

Matt Koleszar

State House District 21

Ranjeev Puri

State House District 22

Richard M. Steenland

State House District 23

Darrin Camilleri

State House District 25

Nate Shannon

State House District 26

Jim Ellison

State House District 27

Regina Weiss

State House District 28

Lori Stone

State House District 29

Brenda J. Carter

State House District 30

Michael Chehab

State House District 31

Bill Sowerby

State House District 32

Justin Boucher

State House District 33

Olu Jabari

State House District 34

Cynthia Neeley

State House District 35

Kyra Harris Bolden

State House District 36

Robert Murphy

State House District 37

Samantha Steckloff

State House District 38

Kelly Breen

State House District 39

Julia Pulver

State House District 40

Mari Manoogian

State House District 41

Padma Kuppa

State House District 43

Nicole Breadon

State House District 45

Barb Anness

State House District 46

Jody LaMacchia

State House District 47

Adam Smiddy

State House District 48

Sheryl Kennedy

State House District 49

John Cherry

State House District 50

Tim Sneller

State House District 52

Donna Lasinski

State House District 53

Yousef Rabhi

State House District 54

Ronnie Peterson

State House District 55

Felicia Brabec

State House District 56

Keith W. Kitchens

State House District 57

Will Garcia

State House District 59

Amy East

State House District 60

Julie Rogers

State House District 61

Christine Morse

State House District 62

Jim Haadsma

State House District 64

Sandra Hofman-Kingston

State House District 65

Nancy Smith

State House District 66

Abigail Wheeler

State House District 67

Kara Hope

State House District 68

Sarah Anthony

State House District 69

Julie Brixie

State House District 70

Karen Garvey 

State House District 71

Angela Witwer

State House District 72

Lily Cheng-Schulting

State House District 73

Bill Saxton

State House District 75

David LaGrand

State House District 76

Rachel Hood

State House District 77

Bob Smith

State House District 78

Dan Vandenheede

State House District 79

Chokwe Pitchford

State House District 80

Erik Almquist

State House District 81

Debbie Bourgois

State House District 85

Andrea Garrison

State House District 91

Brian Hosticka

State House District 92

Terry Sabo

State House District 93

Muhammad Salman Rais

State House District 94

Demond Tibbs

State House District 95

Amos O’Neil

State House District 96

Brian Elder

State House District 97

Celia Young-Wenkel

State House District 98

Sarah Schulz

State House District 99

John Zhang

State House District 101

Beth McGill-Rizer

State House District 104

Dan O’Neil

State House District 105

Jonathan Burke

State House District 108

Renee Richer

State House District 109

Sara Cambensy

State House District 110

Janet Metsa

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Board of Education Trustee

Krystle DuPree

Ann Arbor City Council Ward 3

Travis A. Radina

Bay County

Bay County Executive

Jim Barcia

Bay County Prosecutor

Nancy Borushko

Bay County Register of Deeds

Brandon Krause

Bedford Township

Bedford Township Trustee

Mike Smith

Brownstown Township

Brownstown Township Clerk

Brian C. Peters

Brownstown Township Supervisor

Andrew Linko

Brownstown Township Trustee

Steven Allen

Brownstown Township Trustee

Sherry Berecz

Brownstown Township Trustee

Maureen Brinker

Brownstown Township Trustee

Patrick Killian

Canton Township

Canton Township Clerk

Michael Siegrist

Canton Township Supervisor

Anne Marie Graham- Hudak

Canton Township Treasurer

Dian Slavens

Canton TownshipTrustee

Kate Borninski

Canton TownshipTrustee

Sommer Foster

Canton TownshipTrustee

Tania Ganguly

Canton TownshipTrustee

Steven Sneideman

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Trustee

Bob Wright

Chesterfield Township

Chesterfield Township Clerk

Wendy Jones

Chesterfield Township Treasurer

John Spica

Clinton Township

Clinton Township Treasurer

Paul Gielegham

Clinton Township Trustee

Jenifer Jo “Joie” West

Clinton Township Trustee

Kenneth Pearl

Clinton Township Trustee

Mike Keys

Clinton Township Trustee

Tammy Patton

Clinton Township Trustee

Laura Cardamone

Clinton Township Clerk

Bob Smith

Dalton Township

Dalton Township Supervisor

Tony Barnes

Dalton Township Trustee

Amber Lenartowizd

Dearborn Heights

Dearborn Heights Treasurer

Bob Constan

Delta Township

Delta Township Clerk

Mary Clark

Delta Township Supervisor

Ken Fletcher

Delta Township Treasurer

Dennis Fedewa

Delta Township Trustee

Beth Bowen

Delta Township Trustee

Fonda Brewer

Delta Township Trustee

Andrea Carscarilla

Delta Township Trustee

Arnold Weinfeld


Detroit School Board

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

Eaton County

2nd District, Eaton County Commissioner

TJ Bucholz

3rd District, Eaton County Commissioner

Terrance Augustine

4th District, Eaton County Commissioner

Brandon Haskell

5th District, Eaton County Commissioner

Jeanne Peral-Wright

8th District, Eaton County Commissioner

Joe Brehler

10th District, Eaton County Commissioner

Matt Bowen

12th District, Eaton County Commissioner

Tim Lewis

14th District, Eaton County Commissioner

Lisa Deavers

Eaton County Drain Commissioner

Bradon Dryer

Eaton County Prosecutor

Doug Lloyd

Eaton County Sheriff

Tom Reich

Eaton County Treasurer

Robert Robinson


Ecorse City Council

Donald Agee Jr.

Ecorse City Council

Dr. Terra DeFoe

Ecorse City Council

Devonte Sherard

Ecorse City Council

Felipe Soria

Ecorse School Board

Jared Berry

Egleston Township

Egleston Township Supervisor

Bob Coon

Egleston Township Trustee

Bethann Rahn

Frenchtown Township

Frenchtown Township Trustee

Denise Brooks

Genesee County

67th District Court Judge, Burton

Jessica Hammon

67th District Court Judge, Flint

Tabitha Marsh

Genesee County Circuit Court Judge

Chris Christenson

Genesee County Clerk

Renee Watson

4th District, Genesee County Commissioner

Domonique Clemons

5th District, Genesee County Commissioner

Mark Young

8th District, Genesee County Commissioner

Deb Newman

9th District, Genesee County Commissioner

Gary Peppin

Genesee County Drain Commissionerer

Jeff Wright

Genesee County Prosecutor

David Leyton

Genesee County Sherriff

Chris Swanson

Genesee County Treasurer

Deborah Cherry

Grand Blanc Township

Grand Blanc Township Treasurer

Mark Kilmer

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Community College Board Trustee

Dr. Brandy Lovelady Mitchell

Grand Rapids Community College Board Trustee

Daniel Williams

Harrison Township

Harrison Township Trustee

Rhonda Warner

Ingham County

30th Circuit Court Judge

Wanda Stokes

30th Circuit Court Judge

Brandon Waddell

Ingham County Clerk

Barb Byrum

1st District, Ingham County Commissioner

Victor Celentino

2nd District, Ingham County Commissioner

Ryan Sebolt

4th District, Ingham County Commissioner

Brian Crenshaw

6th District, Ingham County Commissioner

Randy Maiville

7th District, Ingham County Commissioner

Chris Trubec

9th District, Ingham County Commissioner

Erin Graham

10th District, Ingham County Commissioner

Thomas Morgan

11th District, Ingham County Commissioner

Emily Stivers

12th District, Ingham County Commissioner

Mark Polsdofer

13th District, Ingham County Commissioner

Randy Schafer

Ingham County Prosecutor

Carol A Siemon

Ingham County Register of Deeds

Derrick Quinney

Ingham County Sherriff

Scott Wrigglesworth

Ingham County Treasurer

Eric Schertzing

Kalamazoo County

Kalamazoo County Clerk

Meredith Place

4th District, Kalamazoo County Commissioner

Michael Seals

5th District, Kalamazoo County Commissioner

Chris Pomeroy

6th District, Kalamazoo County Commissioner

Jennifer Aniano

7th District, Kalamazoo County Commissioner

Anthony Bates

Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner

Jason Wiersma

Kalamazoo County Sheriff

Richard C Fuller III

Kent County

Kent County Circuit Court Judge

Scott Noto

1st District, Kent County Commissioner 

Deb Havens 

6th District, Kent County Commissioner

Danielle Storey

7th District, Kent County Commissioner

Jane Newton

8th District, Kent County Commissioner 

Sarah Chatterley 

11th District, Kent County Commissioner

Justin Sheldon

12th District, Kent County Commissioner

Monica Sparks

13th District, Kent County Commissioner

Michelle McCloud

14th District, Kent County Commissioner

Carol Hennessy

15th District, Kent County Commissioner

Melissa LeGrand

18th District, Kent County Commissioner

Stephen Wooden

19th District, Kent County Commissioner

Phil Skaggs

Kent County Drain Commissioner

Elaine Isely 

Lapeer County

40th Circuit Court Judge

Mike Hodges

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park City Council

Larry F. Kelsey

Lincoln Park City Council

Carlos Salcido

Macomb County

37th District Court Judge, Warren

Michael Chupa

38th District Court Judge, Eastpointe

Michael Klinefelt

39th District Court Judge, Roseville & Fraser

Alyia Marie Hakim

Macomb County College Trustee

Cecil St. Pierre, Jr.

3rd District, Macomb County Commissioner

Veronica Klinefelt

4th District, Macomb County Commissioner

Carole Chi

5th District, Macomb County Commissioner

Robert A. Mijac

10th District, Macomb County Commissioner

Robert A. Leonetti

12th District, Macomb County Commissioner

Julie Matuzak

13th District, Macomb County Commissioner

Joanne Recchia

Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney

Mary Chrzanowski

Macomb County Public Works Commissioner

Candice Miller

Macomb County Register of Deeds

Fred Miller

Macomb County Sheriff

Anthony M. Wickersham

Macomb County Treasurer

Lorie Barnwell

Meridian Township

Meridian Township Clerk

Deborah Guthrie

Meridian Township Supervisor

Ronald Styka

Meridian Township Treasurer

Phil Deschaine

Meridian Township Trustee

Dan Opsommer

Meridian Township Trustee

Courtney Wisinski

Monitor Township

Monitor Township Supervisor

Ken Malkin

Monroe County

5th District, Monroe County Commissioner

Bill LaVoy

Monroe County Sheriff

Troy Goodnough

Mt. Clemens

Mt. Clemens City Commissioner

Wanda Goodnough

Muskegon County

60th District Court Judge

Paula Mathes

2nd District, Muskegon County Commissioner

Ben Cross

3rd District, Muskegon County Commissioner

Kip Smith

5th District, Muskegon County Commissioner

Ashley Podein

8th District, Muskegon County Commissioner

Kimon Kotos

9th District, Muskegon County Commissioner

Ken Mahoney

Muskegon County Drain Commissioner

Tim DeMumbrum

Muskegon County Sherriff

Mike Poulin

Muskegon Township

Muskegon Township Trustee

Billy Ream

Oak Park

Oak Park School Board

Al Elvin

Oak Park School Board

Ben Vineburg

Oakland County

6th Circuit Court Judge

Clarence Dass

6th Circuit Court Judge

Adrienne Young

6th Circuit Court Judge

Shalina Kumar

6th Circuit Court Judge

Kameshia Gant

6th Circuit Court Judge

Mary Ellen Brennan

43rd District Court Judge - Ferndale, Hazel Park, Madison Heights

Brian Hartwell

45th District Court Judge, Oak Park

Jaimie Powell Horowitz

Oakland County Clerk and Register of Deeds

Lisa Brown

2nd District, Oakland County Commissioner

James Williams

5th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Kristen Nelson

7th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Karen Adams

9th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Gwen Markham

10th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Angela Powell

12th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Kelly Dillaha

13th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Marcia Gershenson

14th District, Oakland County Commissioner

William Miller

15th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Melanie Hartman

16th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Penny Luebs

18th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Charlie Cavell

19th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Dave Woodward

20th District, Oakland County Commissioner

Gary R. McGillvray

Oakland County Executive

Dave Coulter

Oakland County Prosecutor

Karen McDonald

Oakland County Sheriff

Vincent Gregory

Oakland County Treasurer

Robert Wittenberg

St. Joseph County

1st District, St. Joseph County Commissioner

Andrew George

St Joseph County Sheriff

Mark Lillywhite

St. Joseph County Treasurer

Tammy Rigby

Orion Township

Orion Township Trustee

Eileen Nolton

Pittsfield Township

Pittsfield Township Clerk

Michelle Anzaldi

Pittsfield Township Supervisor

Mandy Grewal

Pittsfield Township Treasurer

Patricia Scribner

Pittsfield Township Trustee

Linda Edwards-Brown

Pittsfield Township Trustee

Yameen Jaffer

Pittsfield Township Trustee

Gerald F. Krone

Ray Township

Ray Township Library Board

Wayne Conner

Redford Township

Redford Township Supervisor

Pat McRae

Redford Township Treasurer

Lily Cavanagh

Redford Township Trustee

Linda Jackson

Redford Township Trustee

Kim Taylor


Romulus School Board

Judy Kennard

Royal Oak

Royal Oak School Board

Tim Ciechorski

Royal Oak School Board

Lisa Aline Hanes

Royal Oak School Board

Lakeesha Morrison

Royal Oak School Board

Maryanne VanHaitsma

Saginaw County

Saginaw County Clerk

Venessa Guerra

Saginaw County Register of Deeds

Katie Albosta Kelly

Saginaw County Sherriff

Bill Federspeil


Mayor, Saline

Brian Marl

Shiawassee County

Shiawassee County Sherriff

Joe Ibarra


Southfield School Board

Andrea Wright

St. Clair County

72nd District Court Judge

Mona S. Armstrong

Sumpter Township

Sumpter Township Trustee

Don LaPorte

Superior Township

Superior Township Clerk

Lynette Finley


Taylor School Board

Rhonda Danaj

Taylor School Board

Amber McNew

Taylor School Board

Daryl Thomas Jr.

Taylor School Board

Jodi Thomas

Van Buren Township

Van Buren Township Trustee

Kevin Martin

Village of New Haven

Village of New Haven Trustee

Mario Pruccoli

Washtenaw County

22nd Circuit Court Judge

Tracy E. Van den Bergh

14th District Court Judge, Ypsilanti Township

Erane Washington

4th District, Washtenaw County Commissioner

Caroline Sanders

Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney

Eli Savit

Washtenaw County Sheriff

Jerry L. Clayton

Waterford Township

Waterford Township Clerk

Justin Clarke

Waterford Township Supervisor

John Paul Torres

Waterford Township Treasurer

Eric Lindemier

Waterford Township Trustee

Cynthia Atiemo

Waterford Township Trustee

Matthew McClure

Wayne County

3rd Circuit Court Judge

Chandra Baker

3rd Circuit Court Judge

Nicholas Hathaway

28th District Court Judge

Elisabeth Mullins

34th District Court Judge

Lisa Martin

Wayne County Clerk

Cathy Garrett

4th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Ilona Varga

5th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Irma Clark-Coleman

6th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Monique Baker McCormick

7th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Alisha Bell

8th District, Wayne County Commissioner

David Knezek

9th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Nancy Darga

10th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Melissa Daub

11th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Al Haidous

12th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Glenn Anderson

13th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Sam Baydoun

14th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Raymond Basham

15th District, Wayne County Commissioner

Joseph Palamara

Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney

Kym Worthy

Wayne County Register of Deeds

Bernard J Youngblood

Wayne County Sheriff

Benny Napoleon

Wayne County Treasurer

Eric Sabree

West Bloomfield

West Bloomfield Treasurer

Teri Weingarden

Ypsilanti Township

Ypsilanti Board of Trustee

Gloria C. Peterson

Ypsilanti Board of Trustee

Jimmie Wilson Jr.

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