Gretchen Whitmer

Lt. Governor

Garlin Gilchrist

Secretary of State

Jocelyn Benson

Attorney General

Dana Nessel

State Board of Education

Pamela Pugh

State Board of Education

Mitchel Robinson

University of Michigan Board of Regents

Mike Behm

University of Michigan Board of Regents

Kathy White

Michigan State University Board of Trustees

Renee Knake Jefferson

Michigan State University Board of Trustees

Dennis Denno

Wayne State University Board of Governors

Marilyn Kelly

Wayne State University Board of Governors

Danielle Atkinson

MI Supreme Court Justice

Richard Bernstein

MI Supreme Court Justice

Kyra Harris Bolden

US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives District 6

Debbie Dingell

US House of Representatives District 12

Rashida Tlaib

State Senate

State Senate District 11

Veronica Klinefelt

State Senate District 7

Jeremy Moss

State Senate District 8

Mallory McMorrow

State Senate District 3

Stephanie Chang

State Senate District 1

Erika Geiss

State Senate District 2

Sylvia Santana

State Senate District 5

Dayna Polehanki

State Senate District 14

Kesley Heck Wood

State Senate District 4

Darrin Camilleri

State House

State House District 11

Ricardo White

State House District 12

Richard Steenland

State House District 13

Lori Stone

State House District 14

Donavan McKinney

State House District 57

Aisha Farooqi

State House District 63

Kelly Noland

State House District 5

Natalie Price

State House District 6

Regina Weiss

State House District 18

Caprice Jackson

State House District 20

Noah Arbit

State House District 54

Stephanie Fakih

State House District 55

Neil Oza

State House District 56

Sharon MacDonnell

State House District 8

Mike McFall

State House District 9

Abraham Aiyash

State House District 10

Joe Tate

State House District 18

Helena Scott

State House District 1

Tyrone Carter

State House District 3

Alabas Farhat

State House District 15

Eryn Byrnes

State House District 26

Allen Wilson UAW Member Local 600

State House District 31

Reggie Miller

State House District 32

Jimmie Wilson UAW member Local 898

State House District 47

James Johnson Jr.

State House District 43

Kent Douglas

State House District 36

James Diez

Macomb County

Macomb County Commissioner – 5th District

Robert Mijac

Macomb County Commissioner – 11th District

Mai Xiong

Macomb County Commissioner – 12th District

Andrey Duzyj

Macomb County Commissioner – 13th District

Courtney Flynn

Oakland County

Oakland County Commissioner – 4th District

Brendan Johnson

Oakland County Commissioner – 9th District

Angela Powell

Wayne County

Wayne County Sheriff

Raphael Washington

Wayne County Commissioner District 1

Brian Banks

Wayne County Executive

Warren C. Evans

Wayne County Commissioner District 5

Irma Clark Coleman

Wayne County Commissioner District 6

Monique Baker McCormick

Wayne County Commissioner District 11

A. Haidous

Wayne County Commissioner District 113

Sam Baydoun

Wayne County Commissioner 2nd District

Jonathan Kinloch

Wayne County Commissioner 3rd District

Martha Scott

Washtenaw County

Washtenaw County Commissioner District 6

Ricky Jefferson UAW Retiree Local 735

Ypsilanti Mayor

Lois Allen Richardson

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