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United States Congress

Lacy William Clay District 1
Cort Vanostran  District 2
Emanuel Cleaver District 5

United States Senate

Claire McCaskill

State House

Mark Ellenbracht District 17 LaKesha Basley District 79
Wes Rogers District 18 Peter Merideth District 80
Tommie Pierson, Jr. District 66 Errol Bush District 85
LaDonna Appelbaum District 71 Sarah Unsicker District 91
Chris Carter District 76 Doug Beck District 92
Steven Roberts District 77 Chase Crawford District 125

 State Senate 

Jacob Hummell 4th Senate District Bob Butler 22nd Senate District
Hillary Shields 8th Senate District Jill Schupp 24th Senate District
Brian Williams 14th Senate District Martin Rucker 34th Senate District
Ryan Dillon 16th Senate District    

 State Auditor

Nichole Galloway

Recorder of Deeds

Michael Butler

St. Louis County Council District 5

Pat Donland

St. Louis County Executive

Steve Stenger

St. Louis Co. Assessor

Jake Zimmerman

St. Louis Prosecutor

Bob McCulloch

St. Louis City Collector of Revenue

Greg Daly

St. Louis City License Collector

Mavis Thompson

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